The Defender filter is acknowledged to be the most innovative filtration system currently available. It is respectful of nature while at the same time ensuring the perfect quality of swimming pool water. The growing success enjoyed by the Defender in numerous countries worldwide demonstrates that it is an excellent solution in terms of both economics and environmental sustainability.

The filter body The Defender consists of a steel outer structure and a filter core made up of a system of small, flexible stainless steel spiral tubes wrapped in a dense polyester mesh.
The Defender filter uses perlite as the filter medium. Perlite is a non-toxic fossil powder that can filter particles as fine as one micrometre, and as a consequence decreases the quantity of chemical products used while considerably increasing water quality and transparency.

Adding the filter medium The layer of perlite adheres to the filter candle system with a controlled thickness. The operation is similar to that of diatom filtering, but without the problems associated with the disposal of diatom powder. The perlite enters the filter through an automated blower system that is integrated into the filter itself. This device allows the quick feed of dry perlite into the Defender, eliminating the need for the additives required when using wet perlite.

All of the Defender filters are internally insulated with a protective anti-corrosion layer, specifically designed for surfaces in contact with chemically-treated water. The greatest advantage of the Defender filter is its pneumatic system, which allows the effective regeneration of the filter medium. This cycle, called Bump, automatically regenerates the perlite every day in order to optimise the filter’s capacity.

Automation The control panel of the Defender manages the filtration cycles, backwash, regeneration of filter media and perlite loading. This system can be interfaced with control units for the adjustment of pool water chemical levels, heat exchangers, and variable frequency pumps.

Maintenance of the Defender Filter The Defender includes a preset cleaning programme that is based on the use of specifically prepared and measured chemical products. In recent years the Defender has been installed at hundreds of sites all over the world without need to access the inside of the filter. If such access should become necessary, however, the Defender includes an automatic system for lifting the filter cover.

The Advantages of the Defender The advantages of the Defender system are numerous:
• Space-saving design: the Defender is a compact filter with overall dimensions smaller by around 70% compared to traditional sand filters
• Water saving: the Defender filter allows backwash water savings of up to 90%
• Time saving: the frequency of the Defender’s backwashing operations favours considerable time savings
• Savings on energy and chemicals: the radical savings on backwash water directly translates into savings on chemical products and energy supply
• Removal of particles less than 1 micrometre in size
• Maximum transparency of water

Environmental Sustainability The Defender filter also offers an enormous advantage in terms of environmental sustainability. The efficient regeneration of perlite means that is can be used for weeks, or even months, before needing to change the filter medium. This translates into a highly significant savings on water, chemical treatment products and electricity for swimming pool water heating.