Fukuoka 2023, Myrtha's Anti-Seismic Pools

Myrtha pools in fukuoka: a technological feat with anti-seismic properties

The much-anticipated World Aquatics Championships in Fukuoka, Japan, faced numerous challenges due to pandemic-related delays. However, thanks to Myrtha’s advanced technology, the event features five state-of-the-art temporary pools, showcasing remarkable installation advantages and unique anti-seismic properties.

Technological Advantages in Seismic Conditions

Myrtha’s stainless steel structure was designed to meet the stringent requirements of Japan for seismic events. The system’s exceptional lightweight characteristic, approximately 10% of a concrete pool wall’s weight, significantly reduces loads on concrete foundations during seismic occurrences. Moreover, Myrtha technology allows it to bend without breaking, absorbing seismic energy effectively.

The unique design approach of Myrtha pools allows for a separate floor slab and wall foundation from the pool walls, minimizing the foundation’s integral ties. This design further reduces costs and proves advantageous in areas with low bearing capacities in the soil.

Flexibility and Tolerance

Myrtha’s technology also boasts high design tolerance, making it ideal for areas prone to settlements or local subsidence, especially after seismic events. The system’s adjustable nuts on threaded bars facilitate easy restoration of horizontal and vertical pool wall levels, compensating for any settling or subsidence.

To prevent potential loss of stability or integrity during seismic events, the pool structure features deformation points on buttresses and baseframe fixings. This controlled deformation preserves the structure’s integrity, avoiding sudden, fragile collapses. If any structural member becomes damaged, it can be easily replaced, as Myrtha’s connections between elements are bolted.

Seismic Calculations and Structural Integrity

A typical Myrtha calculation in seismic conditions further demonstrates the structure’s exceptional behaviour, guaranteeing integrity under loading scenarios, whether seismic or static.

Thanks to the advantages of a light, sturdy and easily adaptable structure, it is possible to build Myrtha pools in the most difficult of environments. Including above ground in high rise buildings, in small and almost inaccessible spaces, on soils with low load bearing capacity, in areas with high water tables, in seismic zones and in the widest range of climatic and geological conditions.

The installation of five technologically advanced Myrtha pools in Fukuoka promises to enhance the aquatic sports experience during the 2023 World Aquatics Championships. With a strong emphasis on anti-seismic properties and innovative design, athletes and spectators can anticipate witnessing world-class competitions in these state-of-the-art aquatic facilities. Following the event, two pools will be dismantled and reinstalled in four Japanese schools, thanks to the modular Myrtha system, providing a safe environment for aquatic activities for children and young students.