Thrilling start in Indy with new World Record set in a Myrtha pool

A thrilling start in Indianapolis, where Gretchen Walsh set a new world record, stopping the clock at 55.18 seconds in the women’s 100-meter butterfly.

Once again, Myrtha Pools takes center stage in the history of swimming. The number of swimming World Records set in a Myrtha Pool has reached 172, further proving that the company’s claim “Fast pools for fast swimmers” was not chosen by chance. The pairing of Myrtha Pools and major events is becoming increasingly inseparable. It’s a historic journey for the Italian company, which has been synonymous with quality and innovation for decades. Thanks to their continuous pursuit of quality and innovation, Myrtha solutions always raise the bar for performance. The millimetric precision of their installations – both temporary and permanent – combined with perfect water circulation that eliminates any turbulence, creates the ideal setting for every swimmer.

The grand gala of American swimming, the last chance to qualify for Paris, offers a great show right from the start. If these are the premises, the show can only continue!