Managing Myrtha: A post-meet breakdown

Myrtha’s modular steel-paneled pool system is known for its ability be quickly erected in unique settings such as Lucas Oil Stadium, facing tight construction deadlines and unusual logistical and access challenges. Even with those daunting issues, the process of assembling a world-class pool can be quite speedy and precise, with 10 days as the standing speed record for the two 50-meter pools used in the Trials meet.

Taking down the pools is also a challenge, but tends to go a bit quicker than installation. For a temporary use vessel, some of the steps are adjusted in order to preserve the integrity of the Myrtha material. For example, a waterproofing strategy has been used in Lucas Oil Stadium that is perfect for a temporary use, but not adequate for a lifetime of enjoyment. In the final destinations in Fort Wayne, Ind., and at Grand Cayman Island, the Myrtha panels will be permanently sealed using a process which actually strengthens the structure of the pool by using a chemical bond that is difficult to compromise.

With Myrtha’s own technicians joined by the excellent homegrown Indiana folks from Spear Corp. and Dodd Technologies, the breakdown phase is much quicker than installation, taking only three or four frenetic days. All of the Myrtha material is carefully organized, re-palletized and ultimately handed off to its new owners for transport to its forever home.