Marriott International Embraces Myrtha Pools Technology!

Myrtha Pools is proud to announce that Marriott International has made the decision to include Myrtha’s state of the art technology in their Global Design Standards for all of their brands.
Myrtha’s unique structure and design has been thoroughly vetted by Marriott Engineers and Global Design leadership teams, leading them to list specific Myrtha features and benefits as their Best Practice policy.

Marriott has determined that Myrtha Pools offers many advantages & benefits compared to traditional pool construction.  Myrtha technology offers 80% less weight in elevated pools, more luxury finishes than any traditional method, a watertight guarantee and 25 year warranty. This allows for the creation of a beautiful, luxurious experience expected in their Luxury, All Inclusive, Full and Select Service Brands.

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Marriott International’s Design Standard leadership team encourages architects and aquatic designers to engage the Myrtha team early in the design process, as this is the best way to incorporate and maximize the many benefits of Myrtha Pools leading technology.

Additionally, Myrtha Pools has developed for Marriott Select Brands a “Pool in a Box” initiative; over 11 exciting designs, which include the latest technologies in both the pool shell technology, as well as mechanical and filtration components.
The mechanical package is prefabricated and ready for installation with just a couple of quick hook ups.  Installation time is significantly reduced, as well as the footprint of the mechanical room, allowing for additional revenue generating space.  We have included the latest technology, the best industry warranty of 25 years, luxury soft floor, and many additional benefits.
All of these benefits result in an advanced pool installation, while still being very aggressively priced.

Myrtha’s capabilities in REVIT, Auto CAD, Inventor, and state of the art technology streamline the design process while meeting the expectations of Marriott’s Global Design Standards.  This marriage of technology and design makes the choice of Myrtha a favorite of the most prestigious design teams.

Myrtha Wellness

Myrtha Pools Spa and Wellness Division, approved by Marriott, provides a comprehensive process from consulting and planning to implementation of the finest innovative design, merging technology with Italian flare.

The unique luxurious spa features translate into a sanctuary with customized offerings that suit the taste and expectation of a sophisticated clientel, and adds to the complete relaxation experience.

Myrtha Pools global presence also allows for these high-end features to be available in properties worldwide.