Melbourne and Myrtha: an unbreakable bond

Yesterday was the last day of competition at the FINA World Swimming Championships – excuse us, make that World Aquatics Championships. But certainly, it was not Myrtha’s last day in Melbourne. The ongoing presence of the Italian company in Australia is a certainty, and right in the city that hosted the short course World Championships, Myrtha boasts numerous swimming pools. In addition to the Melbourne Sports Aquatic Centre’s world-class swimming pool – which will be available to the community again in the coming days – Myrtha boasts numerous projects. Among them are two rather recent aquatic centres, the Artemis Centre of the Melbourne Grammar Girl School, and Keilor East Leisure Centre. Another gem is Australia’s first sky-bridge pool at the Hawthorn Park residential complex. Myrtha’s swimming pools range from competition to leisure to relaxation vessels and spas.

The Keilor East Leisure Centre took a lead role here on a tour with partners of the aquatic world, promoted by Myrtha and a great way to see Myrtha technology applied to centres designed more for learn to swim at all ages than for elite competition. But we certainly couldn’t deprive the Australian partners of the excitement that goes with hosting the World Cup. This specific audience has shown great interest in the technologies that lie behind a swimming pool system approved for international competitions such as that of the Melbourne Sports Aquatic Centre. As evidenced by the words of Himal Kandel, CEO of Hydrilla: “We build swimming pools, but we never had the chance to come and see the people competing in a pool, that it’s exactly the same ad we build it – and it’s great we are proud of it. Myrtha is going beyond our expectations. We are happy to see a lot of engineers and other Myrtha distributors. Being able to see the pool that was installed in 2006 (the MSAC pool) and still going strong and last many years, it’s superb”.