Myrtha and Evoqua: Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability

Myrtha and Evoqua: Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability with the Defender® Regenerative Media Filter in Hotel, Leisure and Aquatic Centres

In today’s world, advancements in technology are making significant strides in enhancing efficiency and, consequently, cost savings across various industries. This includes the management of large facilities like swimming pools, where efficiency and hygiene are intrinsically linked to ensure optimal results.

In this context, Myrtha Pools proudly introduces Myrtha Shark, an innovative skid system designed for the water treatment of public pools. This ground-breaking system combines multiple mechanical room components including pumps, filters, UV lamps, heat exchangers, a pH correction control unit, and disinfection systems.

The Myrtha Shark system’s main advantage comes from its utilisation of Evoqua‘s (now part of Xylem) Defender® Regenerative Media Filters (RMF).  Selected by Myrtha for its superior particulate removal performance, the Defender RMF also delivers significant cost savings. The Defender RMF technology does not require the wasteful backwashing traditional sand filters use, providing significant savings on water, utility, and chemical usage.  In addition, the Defender RMF’s outstanding particulate removal provides water clarity that maximises the athletes and viewers experience, while also enhancing the efficiency of the systems’ secondary disinfection UV system.

Scott Holzborn, Vice President – General Manager at Evoqua, said: “We’ve been working with Myrtha Pools for over 16 years, and I’m proud to say our partnership is making a real difference to aquatics businesses. Together, we’re helping to make facilities more sustainable and efficient with our powerful combination of industry expertise and innovative technology solutions.”

“A stand-out hero in our product portfolio is our industry-leading Defender® Regenerative Media Filter, and the Myrtha Pools team has been instrumental in helping over 150 pools, waterparks and spas alike benefit from its unrivalled performance. It’s capable of filtering particulate down to 1 micron, delivering superior water quality. But what also sets it apart, are the environmental and cost savings it achieves. Compared to traditional sand filters, the Defender filter can deliver up to 90% less water and waste, up to 50% less energy consumption and up to 30% less chemicals. As sustainability becomes business critical, the power of our partnership with Myrtha Pools will only strengthen. We will continue to work together to help aquatics facilities improve their environmental performance, reduce costs and future-proof their operations.” 

Sustainable digitalisation has dawned as a powerful response to the far-reaching impacts of climate change. Innocenzo Pochini, Myrtha Technical Director and Sustainability Manager, illustrated: “The digitalisation process, through data-driven management and automation, enhances process efficiency while minimising resource consumption, and helping preserve our invaluable natural supplies.”

By integrating smart technologies and data analytics into a facilities system, like at an aquatic centre, the facility managers can now automatically optimise the use of energy and water in order to have clean and safe swimming pool water with the perfect amount of chemicals.

This is why Myrtha’s R&D department has launched Myrtha Shark, a package that combines the exceptional capabilities of the Defender RMF with other components for water treatment, creating a compact and efficient solution, complete with real-time remote monitoring. “The Myrtha Shark system” explained by Innocenzo Pochini “detects any anomalies and ensures optimal water quality. In aquatic facilities, as well as spa pools accommodating hundreds of guests daily, this automatic monitoring system efficiently optimises the filtration and disinfection process. It prevents water quality degradation during peak usage times, all the while reducing the wastage of valuable resources, including water and energy.”

In partnership with Evoqua, the Defender RMF is revolutionising sustainability and performance in aquatics facilities.