Myrtha for the World Aquatics Championships in Doha

Myrtha is proud to be part of the World Aquatics Championships in Doha. As a partner of World Aquatics since 2009, the Italian company has manufactured and installed five pools in the capital city of Qatar.

Within the Aspire Dome, a state-of-the-art arena covering 40,000 square meters designed by renowned architect Roger Tallibert, Myrtha has installed four pools. This includes two Olympic-sized pools for swimming and two more for water polo, catering to both warm-up sessions and competitions.

Utilizing our exclusive modular stainless-steel technology, the same approach used for permanent facilities, we can create the perfect setting for aquatic sports. Many major sports institutions opt for temporary structures to enhance visibility and public attendance for international competitions. Simultaneously, this approach makes it simple to avoid constructing a “white elephant” arena that would quickly fall into neglect or fail to engage regular users. Myrtha’s technology plays a pivotal role in transforming arenas used for basketball, football, or concerts into extraordinary aquatic facilities.

Beyond the advantages of time and cost savings for these special events, the modular pool structure can be dismantled post-event and re-installed in a permanent facility. This innovative approach ensures that the legacy of major aquatic events contributes to the growth of aquatic sports in the region, providing efficient and durable pools designed to encourage public use through a dedicated aquatic centre. As we did in the Middle East region, after the 15th FINA World Swimming Championships in Abu-Dhabi. The pools after the event were reinstalled in the Abu Dhabi Cricket & Sports Hub.

A fifth Myrtha pool in Doha is one of the deepest ever constructed for a temporary event. It measures 6 metres deep, and within its span of 15m will be the “target” for the high divers who will jump from platforms either 27 or 20 meters above the pool surface. After the World Championships in Budapest (2017) and Gwangju (2019), Myrtha has installed the high-diving pool in the captivating Doha Old Port. The result is an unforgettable location for both athletes and spectators.

Myrtha’s contribution to the Middle East region extends beyond these top-tier sporting events and into the hospitality world as well, as the area is investing in building top level hotels and resorts. The expertise and finishes offered by Myrtha for both pools and wellness cabins has allowed us to partner with the best architects and five-star hotels in the region.


  • 61.500 bolts and anchors to assemble the panels, buttresses, struts, and base frame.
  • 69,9 tons of Myrtha stainless steel components.
  • 11.685 m3 of water to fill the pools.
  • 45% savings on emissions over traditional pool-building methods that involve concrete and tiles.