Myrtha goes with the flow

Providing the best possible setting for a big swim meet deserves thorough consideration. Naturally this includes choices on the pool shell and structure, but the attributes of the water itself is also a key area of contemplation. Over the years, Myrtha Pools has become a believer in the effectiveness of regenerative media filtration. With Spear Corporation managing the mechanical and filtration in Indianapolis this summer, using Defender filters all standards for an elite experience are satisfied. The water will be dazzlingly clear and clean after passing through a miniscule filtration width of just 2 or 3 microns. This approach has other benefits – it can process vast volumes of water in a very short amount time, which is a key advantage as the pools are filled and prepared for use for the first time. Additionally, the overall water waste is a small fraction of what would be generated by the previous sand filtration techniques.

Further streamlining the water circulation approach is the use of Myrtha’s STZ sidewall inlets. This unique tactic allows for large volumes of treated water to be returned to the pool without generating the kind of uneven currents which create a competitive disadvantage. With all of these forward-thinking installation, taking only three or four frenetic days. All of the Myrtha material is carefully organized, re-palletized and ultimately handed off to its new owners for transport to its forever home.