Myrtha joins the 35th European Water Polo Championships in Split.

The perpetual season continues for the international water polo champions who, after having played the World Championships in Budapest at the beginning of the summer, will meet in Split at the end of August to compete for the 35th edition of the European Water Polo Championships. The famous Croatian city will be the stage for all the drama between Aug. 27 and Sept. 10, and Myrtha Pools takes a leading role with two temporary pools created for matches and training. One pool was designed to host matches between the various national teams and measures 36m x 25m, while the other vessel is dedicated to training and warm-up.

If the two pools remain in the Spaladium Arena following the matches, their function will not cease with the end of the tournament play. Thanks to Myrtha’s exclusive modular stainless steel technology, the pools will be reinstalled in permanent centres to allow athletes of various ages to train in adequate spaces and with great performance, in keeping with the overall philosophy of the Croatian water polo federation.

For Myrtha Pools, obviously, this is only the most recent such collaboration with the European Championships. Indeed our presence is the confirmation of the good work carried out over previous years with both permanent and temporary pools for major international events. That includes the 2016 European Championships in Belgrade, where two temporary Myrtha vessels provided a perfect tournament platform by providing the most advanced aquatic technology. The link between Myrtha Pools and water polo is deep and constant. Further evidence of this link is provided by the structure built for the new Bocconi campus in Milan. Thanks to its characteristics, Bocconi was able to host three Pro Recco Champions League matches this year. It is an example of how the high standards of design, technologies and competition accessories open the door to international competition, even in permanent centres which also serve students and community residents with a winning combination of versatility and quality.