Myrtha Pools and Royal Life Saving Australia Join Forces to Safeguard Australia's Aquatic Future

Myrtha Pools is proud to unveil its latest corporate partnership with Royal Life Saving Australia, marking a significant step forward in our commitment to revitalizing end-of-life pools and enhancing community well-being. As innovators in the Australian aquatic scene, Myrtha has been instrumental in fostering the nation’s aquatic culture, boasting a portfolio of more than 200 public swimming pools. Beyond just catering to athletes, these pools serve as hubs for community well-being.

By partnering with Royal Life Saving Australia, we aim to further enrich these spaces, ensuring they continue to provide invaluable benefits to the communities they serve.

According to the ‘State of Aquatic Facility Infrastructure in Australia’ report published by Royal Life Saving Australia, 40% of public pools will reach the end of their functional lifespan by 2030. Royal Life Saving Australia is actively raising awareness among relevant authorities to prevent the negative impact of public pool closures across the country.

“Almost every Australian community has a much-loved swimming pool – affirms Justin Scarr Royal Life Saving Australia’s CEO – they are essential for health, fun, fitness, social connectedness and learning to swim.  The problem is that so many of the swimming pools are aging, and in need of some love in return because when a pool closes thousands miss out on lessons, a game, a casual swim or just catching up with friends. It’s a problem, that Royal Life Saving Australia is committed to changing”.

Through this partnership, Myrtha Pools is excited to share its expertise in refurbishing and constructing energy-efficient swimming pools. With its RenovAction technology, the company offers sustainable solutions from both economic and environmental perspectives, reducing downtime and costs compared to traditional construction methods.

Alessandro Fochi, Myrtha Pools International Area Manager: “Swimming holds immense importance, not just as an Olympic sport, but also as a critical tool in reducing drownings and fostering healthier lives. That’s why I’m thrilled about our partnership with Royal Life Saving Australia. They shed a light on the societal impact of closing public aquatic centres. Since decades in Myrtha Pools, we’re proud to extend our support beyond elite athletes, providing Learn to Swim pools for children in local communities is a priority for us, exemplified by our initiatives in remote communities in Australia. I believe this partnership can help to improve the proximity and the efficiency of Australian aquatic centres.”

Supported by Chiara, Myrtha’s BDM, who added “With Royal Life Saving Australia leading the change, our aim is clear: breathing new life into aging aquatic facilities. At Myrtha we are equipped with tangible solutions and ready to initiate this transformation, pool by pool.”
From bustling urban centres to remote locations, our partnership is committed to embarking on a journey of renewal and revitalization.