Myrtha Pools' ESG 2022 Report

Our Commitment to Sustainability: Introduction of the ESG Report

In today’s ever-evolving global landscape, businesses face demanding challenges on multiple fronts. Myrtha Pools recognizes these challenges and is dedicated to sustainable development. As part of its commitment to environmental, social, and governance principles collectively known at ESG, Myrtha Pools has published its first Sustainability Report to provide transparency to stakeholders and demonstrate its commitment to sustainability.

A Strong Vision of Sustainability

Myrtha Pools’ commitment to a sustainable growth strategy naturally led to the publication of the Sustainability Report. The company’s mission is to create a new model of sustainable development through technological innovation and digitalization, aiming to achieve stable and sustainable growth while benefiting the environment and all stakeholders.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Myrtha Pools is committed to introducing products and services that align with sustainability principles, promoting a responsible, ethical, and inclusive transition with minimal environmental impact. Notably, the use of Myrtha Pools’ technologies in the construction and installation of swimming pools reduces CO2 emissions by 50% compared to traditional methods, and water consumption is reduced through innovative filtration systems and extended product lifecycles.

The company has undergone product mapping according to international standards such as LEED V4, BREEAM, and Green Star. The goal has been to highlight how Myrtha’s processes and products can contribute to obtaining credits for energy certification in buildings based on sustainability criteria.

Enhancement of Corporate Governance

In recent years, Myrtha Pools has significantly strengthened its corporate governance, increasing transparency and regulatory compliance. While retaining its entrepreneurial spirit, the company has extended governance to involve front-line management in strategic decisions. Corporate management is based on good practices and ethical principles, emphasizing human rights, equal opportunities, transparency, and respect for minorities.

Myrtha Pools continues to emphasize the importance of the organization, management, and control model in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/01, as well as the Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct for Business Partners, to maintain integrity in its operations.

Prioritizing Health and Safety

Myrtha Pools also reaffirms its ongoing commitment to health and safety, particularly in the context of global health challenges. The establishment of a Health and Safety Committee involving site managers aims to identify potential risk factors, including those related to Covid-19. The company has distinguished itself by supporting customers with secure digital solutions, promoting a common digital culture, and offering training for digital innovation.

Toward Greater Transparency and Improvement

Myrtha Pools’ commitment to ESG principles and sustainability is reflected in its dedication to transparency and continuous improvement. The 2022 Sustainability Report complies with recognized international and national standards, such as GRI and SASB, and provides key quantitative data at the corporate and operational levels. This report represents a crucial step in the company’s journey toward greater social responsibility and sustainable development.

In its growth project, Myrtha Pools invites stakeholders to join them on this path. By embracing ESG principles and leading the way in environmental and social responsibility, Myrtha Pools demonstrates the importance of businesses in promoting positive change in a world facing complex challenges.

For the full document: ESG 2022 Report