Myrtha Pools in Rome: a Championship history.

Myrtha Pools in Rome: a Championship history.

The Italian capitol’s Aquatic history includes a previous EAC event, the World Championships, the Olympics, and more. The August Championships that include swimming, diving, artistic swimming, open water swimming, and high diving is the fourth LEN event scheduled in Italy and the second in Rome. In 1994 the city hosted the 7th FINA World Aquatics Championships and Myrtha supplied a temporary pool used for artistic swimming and women’s water polo competitions.

Over the years of hosting competitive aquatics in Rome, the water sports involved have seen many changes to rules, techniques, equipment, and more, but two things that have persisted are the amazing spectacle of the events and the performance of the athletes.

In 2009 Myrtha Pools helped bring the spectacle to life by building a temporary, state-of-the-art competition pool in the middle of a tennis arena for the 13th FINA World Swimming Championships in Rome, or just like in 2018 for the 34th European Championships in Glasgow – almost instantly creating a fan-friendly aquatics venue with minimal construction.

Myrtha’s history with major global aquatics events like the EACs and FINA World Swimming Championships is driven by its industry-leading technology that allows organizers to create remarkable competition venues, even temporary ones, that can be counted on to meet world-class expectations, event after event. Myrtha’s prowess in pools was exemplified at the 2015 European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan, for which Myrtha Pools created three permanent pools for swimming, diving and artistic swimming in the Baku Aquatics Centre and two temporary pools for water polo.

Myrtha’s goal with every pool design and installation is to create quality venues with long-life cycles, developed with respect for the environment. These are Myrtha principles that go beyond any individual project and are there for all to appreciate in all the venues we create.