A new chapter to the history of Belgrade

In Serbia, a 100% Stainless Steel Myrtha pool

The Tašmajdan Sports Centre in Belgrade has a long and decorated history, but three moments in particular are worthy of special emphasis: the centre’s founding in 1958; 1973, when the facility played host to the first-ever World Championships of Water Polo; and now, with the centre’s magnificent renewal in 2020.

As Myrtha’s International Business Director Marcus Röttger says: “It’s a historic day. Thanks to the Myrtha Research & Development team and our technologies, you can now have a Myrtha pool with a steel bottom. This technology is dedicated to all customers who have always wanted a tank completely in stainless steel, but with the advantages, finishes, design and colours that only Myrtha can offer “. The new Tašmajdan Sports Centre outdoor Olympic pool was inaugurated in August of this year, completely renovated thanks to the vision of Myrtha Pools, Southeast Europe and its partner Yubel Engineering of Serbia and Montenegro.

Myrtha RenovAction and Myrtha Skin

The fact that we can turn an old concrete pool into a gorgeously renewed structure is something the Myrtha Pools team has always taken pride in, but this new project in Belgrade is unique. For the first time we’ve created a 100% stainless-steel Myrtha. By combining RenovAction technology with a new designed innovation – the Myrtha Skin – we were able to also create a stainless steel floor to accompany the steel walls. The Tašmajdan pool boasts both perfect visibility (thanks to its brilliant, white liner) and industry-leading corrosion resistance, an unheard-of combination in stainless-steel pools. Once again, our endless innovation reaffirms Myrtha Pools’ standing in the world of competition pools and beyond. The Tašmajdan pool in Belgrade has already been approved for competitions and has also been open to the community for recreational purposes since its August reopening.

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