Myrtha is proud to officially announce a new partnership with the Montenegro Swimming and Water Polo Federation (MWPF), a member of both LEN and FINA since 2006. Upon signing the agreement, which provides for two-year cooperation, the president of the Montenegrin swimming and water polo federation Đuro Marić stated: “It is a great honour to be a partner of one of the leaders in the world of swimming pools, for us it is a further confirmation that water polo is one of the best brands in Montenegro and that, despite being a small nation, thanks to brilliant results we are very well-known and recognized all over the world. We will continue to do our best in the years to come to justify the trust that Myrtha Pools has placed in us and continue with these efforts for years to come.” The CEO of Myrtha Pools South-East Europe, Tomaz Bizajl, said he was satisfied with the entry into the Myrtha team of this new member, MWPF: “This partnership was born under the sign of spring, a good sign for future cooperation between MWPF and Myrtha Pools. We are delighted to have signed this agreement. MWPF is a welcome addition to the Myrtha family, and we hope that such a relevant federation in terms of aquatic sports continue to achieve high-level results just as it has done so far, partly thanks to new centres in Montenegrin territory.” The meeting ended with a brief presentation by Dejan Marković, representative of “VAMAR Ltd.” of Podgorica, and a consultant of Myrtha Pools for Montenegro, relating to the company’s most recent developments and activities.