Myrtha Pools presents at the 10th International Conference of Swimming Pool and Spa in Bologna

On the occasion of the 10th edition of the ICSPS, Andrea Coletto – Head of Myrtha Computational Engineering Team and PhD Researcher at the University of Brescia – was invited by ICSPS in collaboration with the University of “Foro Italico” to show a complementary benefit of the stripping technology for the hygiene of the swimming pools.

Coletto, the mastermind that developed a system for stripping the volatile DBPs called Myrtha Breathe, during his PhD came across several studies about bubble-washing and discovered that this technology is effective in removing both pathogens and chemicals. So after partnering with the Laboratory of Epidemiology and Biotechnology of the University of Rome “Foro Italico” and making several tests, Dr Coletto presented the results of the experiment at the International Conference of Swimming Pool and Spa during the pool Fair Trade in Bologna. In his speech, the Myrtha researcher drew some preliminary conclusions: “Stripping is effective also in removing the biofilm from pool materials even from porous ones. A synergic effect is established between the disinfection and the stripping” and ends with “Bubbles can help remove pathogens from the stripping devices”. This successful research confirms how Myrtha’s R&D department is motivated to find new applications and solutions to improve safety and hygiene in public pools.