Myrtha Pools Symphony # 5 In Omaha

Myrtha Pools is pleased to return to the centre stage of major events, installing competition pools to millimetric precision and in record time.

In just two weeks, the CHI Health Center in Omaha was transformed from a basketball arena to an aquatic centre ready to host athletes, coaches and fans. From June 4th to 7th the first set races will happen at Wave I in Omaha, with the second and decisive Wave II event happening June 13th to 20th. This is the fifth time around for Myrtha Pools in Omaha, the most awaited one, because of the return of spectators to major sporting events after a challenging year. As confirmed by Roberto Colletto, CEO of Myrtha Pools: “It’s really good that after so long and after an unusual year we finally see swimming events starting again and I’m happy that the first big event if you would consider world class with crowds and action it’s going to happen in Omaha for the qualifying event for US team for Tokyo Olympics and it’s going to be of course in our Myrtha pool.  First of all, I have to thank once again USA swimming for having put their trust in us for the 5th time. The first one was in Long Beach in 2004 and then, 4 times in a row in Omaha”. Good luck to the swimmers, coaches and the volunteers.

Long Beach 2004, U.S. Olympic Trials

July 7th-14th, 2004: The City of Long Beach, CA, hosted the U.S. Swimming Olympic Trials, one of the most important sporting events in the U.S.A., where athletes compete to represent Team USA at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. For the first time in the history of these competitions, swimmers trained and competed in 2 temporary pools, built by using the exclusive Myrtha Technology.

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Omaha 2008, U.S.A Olympic Trials

Omaha (Nebraska) hosted the U.S. Swimming Olympic Team Trials from June 29th to July 7th, 2008 where athletes competed to win qualifications to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Also this event took place in two 50 m temporary Myrtha swimming pools, installed within the Omaha Qwest Center.

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Omaha 2012, U.S. Olympic Trials

June 25 – July 2
Myrtha Pools transformed the state-of-the-art 17,000-seat CenturyLink Center, in Omaha, into a world-class swimming arena by installing two 50m pools in 10 days.

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Omaha 2016, U.S. Olympic Team Trials

Two Myrtha pools featuring filtration system has been installed at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha to host both training sessions and competitions. Myrtha team completed the two pools in two weeks: an installation time ten times faster than the conventional methods of construction. The pools, both temporary, have been dismantled and permanently reinstalled in other venues.

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