Myrtha Pools: The Ideal Stage For SWIM MI CUP

In Milan at the Aquamore Bocconi Sport Center, featuring many Italian Olympic and Paralympic champions

The lights of the Aquamore Bocconi Sport Center will shine brightly once again as the new concept of the Swim Mi Cup takes center stage.

It is a fitting setting for high achievement, following the Champions League water polo matches featuring Pro Recco. This time, the ultra-modern Myrtha vessels on the Bocconi campus will feature evening swimming competition and high drama in the 50-meter Myrtha pool. This  sporting event has the testimonial support from a pair of exceptional athletes, two-time world champion Filippo Magnini and Simone Barlaam. The Paralympic athlete – who won 4 medals in Tokyo 2021 – will also be in the pool for the races on March 19.

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The list of superb swimmers already registered to compete in the Swim Mi Cup is rich, ranging from Matteo Rivolta to Francesca Fangio, from Nicolò Martinenghi to Carlotta Gilli and from Alessandro Miressi to Ilaria Bianchi, just to name a few. An event organized by the Aquamore Bocconi Sport Center demonstrates how, with a state-of-the-art swimming facility, Milan has once again taken the lead role with aquatics in Italy.

Located on the award-winning Bocconi campus, the center is open to students and all citizens of Milan wishing to swim in the pools of champions. All users will benefit from the cutting-edge technology of a sustainable pool – thanks to the exclusive Myrtha Pools technology and a smart filtration system – and an ultra-safe setting equipped with a virtual LED training system and underwater cameras to prevent drowning.