Myrtha's journey since Atlanta

Olympism is a philosophy of life, a journey featuring values and principles that inspire people both in and out of stadiums and arenas. It includes universal values that are perfectly in line with the history of Myrtha Pools, an Italian company that has been guided by the principles of sport and progress since its beginnings.

Two paths, those of the Olympic Games and Myrtha, that met on the field, or rather during major sporting events, to build together experiences based on excellence and respect. For Myrtha, excellence is reflected in the materials used and the technologies adopted in its projects. While respect is that of effort in both sport and work, and of course respect for the environment. For Myrtha, the journey began in 1996 in Atlanta, when Myrtha Pools built its first pool for use in the Games, for water polo competitions. The reliability and speed of Myrtha Pools’ installations immediately made a difference, especially for the organisers of these major events. The media also took note, bringing attention to the idea of installing competition pools in large arenas and thus promoting water sports to the general public.

In 2008, this success was repeated with a permanent pool in Beijing. Again the pool was for water polo, but on this occasion it was also used for the modern pentathlon in the Ying Tung Natatorium. Later, another big step forward was taken for the Olympic Games in London, where Myrtha built seven swimming pools, all of which were reused as public aquatic centres after the competition. This major project provided an impact not only on aquatic sports, but also on British civic life as the populace continued to benefit from the best technology for everyday swimming pools. As many as 18 Myrtha pools were built 4 years later in Rio, some temporary and others permanent. All these projects contributed to building sustainable aquatics development in areas that were in dire need of pool renovation, as evidenced by the Salvador Bahia pool. That vessel was the result of a re-installation of the pool installed during the event at Parque dos Atletas in Rio.

With Tokyo, Myrtha Pools has brilliantly passed the test of a project stopped by Covid and restarted amid much uncertainty in 2021. These pools meet Japan’s high seismic standards and will be in the spotlight again during the World Swimming Championships in Fukuoka, thanks to sustainable, cutting-edge and unique technology. A legacy of sport, in this case secured by achievements in water made more sustainable and spectacular thanks to the flexibility of installation guaranteed by Myrtha.