Omaha 2021: The competition is at the highest level

"We build a permanent pool that also can be used for temporary events"

The races come alive and the competition is at the highest level to remove a ticket and fly to Tokyo. In a few days the lights will go out in Omaha, but for us at Myrtha an equally important chapter will begin, because our pools are made to last…


Here is the latest news from our correspondent for Omaha 2021, Aaron Gabriel (Midwest Coordinator for Myrtha Pools USA):

Myrtha Pools USA makes the most of this week in Omaha to draw attention to its pool-building technique and prominence in the sport of competitive swimming.
Without fail, however, there is an unintended consequence to being able to emplace our pool inside a sports arena such as the CHI Health Center.
Many people think of Myrtha as the company that builds temporary pools, and then is able to put them in the ground later.
In point of fact, the inverse is much more accurate.

“We build a permanent pool that also can be used for temporary events,” said Myrtha’s Chairman of the Board for the U.S. and Canada, Trevor Tiffany.

The full V3 story requires more than a Water Blog post to do it justice, but the snapshot version is that it exists as part of founder Erika Binger’s mission to use sports as a tool for improvement. She first created V3 as a triathlon club devoted to providing athletic opportunities to young citizens who might not otherwise get them: “We are a no profit organization” said Erika Binger during her tour to the CHI Health Center in Omaha “ and it’s so exciting to see the pool in action with the best swimmers in the world. Know that is pool goes to our community for our kids and someone of them may could be able to be an Olympic champions in the future…it’s so inspirational”.

The 50-meter swimming pool used in Omaha will be a key component of V3’s headquarters at 701 Plymouth Ave. North, in Minneapolis. In addition to having a pool with such a winning legacy, V3 will also have a smaller Myrtha pool specifically devoted to teaching swimming, and water safety – key offerings to a North Minneapolis citizen base that simply has limited access to the kind of facilities that would provide such aquatic learning opportunities.
After the meet is finished, the process of re-packaging the competition pool begins.
As a matter of fact the components will be trucked to V3’s headquarters and stored there until they are ready for their permanent home as an in-ground pool that will open the doors to achievement for a whole generation of kids from North Minneapolis.

V3 Sports, and Myrtha, can hardly wait.