Race for the moment, but Myrtha is forever

While the Myrtha pools in use within Lucas Oil Stadium have a vital mission in the here and now, they will also be following a tradition of permanently enriching the larger aquatic landscape. From past Trials events, the U.S. is dotted with Myrtha vessels that once helped select the nation’s top athletes before becoming the centerpiece for enduring training and racing facilities. V3 Sports in Minneapolis is preparing to install the 2021 competition pool, while the warm-up pool from that event is already delighting users in Ocala, Fla. The 2016 competition pool has helped the Hulbert Aquatic Center thrive in West Fargo, N.D., and the warm-up pool from that same year is in use in Santa Ynez Valley, Calif.

From 2012, Charles River Aquatics has the competition pool, and the warm-up pool went to Tranquility Park in Omaha, Neb., while the 2008 competition pool is used by Poseidon Swimming in Richmond, Va. After Indianapolis 2024 meet is over, the future course is already charted for the Myrtha pools in use: The competition pool goes to the Ft. Wayne Swim and Wellness Alliance to anchor a beautiful new facility, while the warm-up pool goes to Grand Cayman Island as the centerpiece for the Cayman Island Aquatic Centre. By embracing the Myrtha approach for the top meets held in temporary settings, everyone is a winner!