Rio 2016: Crystal-clear water in all pools signed by Myrtha!

Rio 2016: Crystal-clear water in all pools signed by Myrtha!

We are now at day 5 of Olympic Games and all pools signed by Myrtha have the most see-through water ever.

An excellent result gained thanks to the use of Defender filtration system,  the advanced Strahlenturbulenz circulation system, the perfect and completely automated chemicals dosage. All those state of the art technologies make pools’ water quality is simply perfect and crystal clear: an essential condition during international swimming competitions!

Maria Lenk Diving Pool and the chromatic change of water

Everyone is probably wondering why the water color in Diving and Waterpolo pools at the famous Maria Lenk Aquatic Center suddenly turn into a kind of green. Those pools built for the 2007 Pan-American Games– as mentioned in previous news –  were not provided by Myrtha and the company has nothing to do with neither with the installation and the current operations. In fact during the Games the Diving and Waterpolo pool  management is under the local committee responsibility.

Actually the reason why is that the obsolete filtration, circulation and disinfection systems (with a manual chemicals dosage) of those old pools are not able to monitor and control the see-through water quality needed for international swimming competition.

Moreover, in order to quickly restore water quality in the pool home to synchro competitions, Rio officials went for a drastic solution: they drained the pool and filled it with the water of one of the warm-up pool signed by Myrtha installed just outside the Maria Lenk Aquatic Center. The pool has been filled in ten hours with new crystal clear water: a must for synchro athletes which need to be seen underwater as well.

At the occasion of Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Myrtha Pools installed a total of 18 pools including also the main water tanks for swimming competitions at the Olympic Aquatic Center: one 50m competition and another 50m training pool.

Myrtha Pools designed two new warm-up pools for the Maria Lenk Aquatic Center refurbishment. The new water tank has been installed just outside the stadium, close to existing pools involved in the green-water-gate.

Defender filtration system benefits

As a matter of fact, the growing success of Defender shows that it is the ideal solution in terms of costs savings and environmental sustainability.
Defender filter will remove particles down to 1 micron, provide disinfection chemicals savings and will offer a superior water quality.
In addition, Defender control panel which monitors filtration cycles and media filter regeneration can be connected with the disinfection unit box, the heater exchanger and the variable frequency pump.

Defender filtration system benefits:
Space savings: smaller construction footprint, the filter is the 70% smaller if compared to  a traditional sand filter
Water savings: backwash water consumption is reduced till the 90%
Material and time savings: Media filter is constantly regenerated and can be used for weeks or months. This implies materials savings and less maintenance.
Energy and chemicals savings: Particles removal down to 1 micron.
Super crystal clear water
Eco-friendly: Defender is committed in producing “green” products and it is now considered the most efficient system in terms of environmental sustainability.