Rooftop pools and terrace pools

featured at your hotel thanks to Myrtha Technology!
Featuring an aquatic area and a wellness center certainly gives hotels an extra kick to create a memorable stay for its guests.
Improve your services with amazing rooftop pools, where your guests can “swim on top of the world”, or with elegantly designed terrace pools that offer breathtaking views, unique atmospheres and a relaxing sun deck.


Approximately 80% lighter than any conventional concrete pools, Myrtha pools are absolutely perfect for all elevated locations on the property, both indoor and outdoor, due to the state of the art Myrtha technology. Eliminating large amounts of concrete, rebar and labor costs that comes with traditional construction is a huge advantage for Luxury Hotel and Resort owners.

Myrtha Pools, appointed as a Preferred Partner by many of the luxury Hospitality Groups, offers a turnkey service, which combines 60 years of experience with a commitment to continuous innovation.
The lightweight, adaptability of Myrtha technology is the perfect solution even in the most challenging locations: high rise buildings, limited space, high water table soils, seismic zones and a wide range of climatic and geological conditions.

Myrtha Pools offers the best solutions even in terms of structure and aesthetics, to meet the needs of every project.
The creative vision of architects has no limits when using Myrtha.
State of the art technology in compliance with current construction and safety norms, superior structural elements, extreme attention to detail, high level finishing and the finest materials.

Myrtha Pools can bring the guest’s experience to the next level with a wide range of features such as hydro massage systems, waterfalls, chromotherapy, countercurrent swimming and much more!