Something new is being born in Japan

2020 summer in Japan will bring big news for Myrtha, in the form of three temporary pools dedicated to swimming (50m), water polo (35m) and artistic swimming (30m) respectively.

Installation works have just begun in Tokyo on these three tanks built with Myrtha stainless steel modular panels. Myrtha technology guarantees high performance, is environmentally friendly (saves approx. 50% of CO2 emissions compared to a traditional concrete pool and more than 30% compared to a welded steel pool, according to LEED certifications) and is suitable for seismic areas.

This project is being carried out by Myrtha along with its local partner APC and already foresees the reuse of these three pools in Fukuoka for the 19th FINA World Championship of 2021. Temporary pools made to last, as demonstrated by Temporary pools made to last, as demonstrated, among others, by the history of the Yunomaru Highland Pool.