Swimming pool in an NFL Stadium? Myrtha makes it easy!

It is fitting that here in the U.S., a swimming meet has ended up inside a football stadium. The sustained popularity of football naturally means there are many facilities suited to that sport – and also, thankfully, to swimming. The large surface area on the floor on Lucas Oil Stadium makes it not only a great home to the Indianapolis Colts, but also to a wide variety of other special events, including Monster Truck rallies, college events and of course concerts.

But this is the first time a swimming event has ever been held inside an NFL football stadium. Organizers have a series of themed promotions lined up for the finals sessions, including some special deals on food and drink. One of the goals here is to establish a record for the highest in-person attendance ever for a swimming meet. With nearly 30,000 seats available for each session, that seems like a virtual certainty. Don’t expect to see much tailgating, foam fingers and face-painting at this event – but do expect a lot of noise from a rabid swimming fanbase ready to score some unique history.