Temporary pools are a permanent win

The wisdom of placing the world’s largest swimming events in large venues is not only great for aquatic fans, but also for the economics of world-class performance. A painful fact is that the large natatoriums required for the top international meets are simply not cost-effective if they are intended to be viable for many years after hosting a given high-level event. Myrtha Pools’ ability to deftly emplace excellent racing pools inside arenas and now football stadiums has opened the door to a model which permits great enjoyment of the event with a price tag that allows event organizers to proceed with full confidence in all aspects of producing such a complicated endeavor.

Lucas Oil Stadium and the U.S. Trials is of course the current example, with another large facility ready to go for the ultimate performance stage in Paris, at La Defense Arena. The Myrtha system has a built-in efficiency, too, as these temporary pools always are pressed into service permanently for optimal use and minimum construction waste. It’s the ultimate win-win scenario: A spectacular setting for the big meet, and an enduring legacy of aquatic greatness for a nearby community! The competition pool inside Lucas Oil Stadium will eventually be installed by the Fort Wayne Swim and Wellness Alliance, just a couple of hours to the northeast of Indianapolis.