This is not a pool, this is a Myrtha Pool

Myrtha Pools is thrilled with the overwhelming response to our new international advertising campaign, which has garnered significant attention in architecture and sport & leisure magazines both in Italy and around the world. Developed in collaboration with the esteemed communication agency ‘Dilemma,’ the Myrtha 2023 campaign centres around the captivating motto “THIS IS NOT A POOL.” Through an effective campaign format, the visual was designed around a main attention seeking concept linked to the spirit of the brand that unfolds into different messages.

The communication mechanism is based on two main storytelling drivers: grabbing attention and stating facts. If the headline and the visual are provocative and grabbing attention, subhead and body copy are giving out solid messages based on concrete elements. While the thought-provoking statement challenges the notion that our creations are merely bodies of water, aiming to unveil the essence of Myrtha Pools as an embodiment of innovation, functionality, and sustainability. Each pool we craft encompasses intricate technological and design elements, leaving an indelible imprint on the minds of those who immerse themselves in our aquatic wonders.

Our pools have become the backdrop for extraordinary feats, having been chosen for illustrious events such as the Olympics and World Swimming Championships. But our pools delight also for relaxing moment, just think of our awe-inspiring Sky pool in Melbourne, a breathtaking marvel suspended between two buildings, ingeniously constructed with a fusion of steel and transparent walls. Consider also our enchanting lagoon pool in Andalusia, boasting a sandy bottom that transports you to a blissful oasis.

But Myrtha is not only a synonymous for pools. Our range includes remarkable wellness cabins, as the outdoor sauna at the forefront of revolutionizing the world of well-being. Immerse yourself in the transformative experience of our innovative wellness offerings.

We invite you to follow us on social media in order to explore all twelve subjects of this new campaign, which fits well with the international spirit and philosophy of Myrtha Pools, combining technology and creativity to amaze with pools for competitions, water parks, and wellness areas. Discover the unparalleled possibilities that Myrtha Pools brings forth, redefining the boundaries of aquatic excellence.