Water Factory wins Innovation Prize

TKHolding Architects was recently honored with a prestigious award for their groundbreaking innovation showcased in the Water Factory project. This esteemed recognition was conferred by Basenprof Portal, the leading Polish platform focusing on swimming pools. Collaborating with Myrtha Pools, TKHolding crafted an exceptional leisure water and education park in Poland, marking a unique and forward-thinking architectural endeavor.

Leisure's future

The Water Factory project, envisioned and executed by architects Andrzej Truszczyński and Pawel Kobierzewski of TKHolding, has garnered acclaim for its inventive design, pushing the boundaries of conventional architecture within the realm of water-based attractions. Their architectural prowess combined with the flexibility of the Myrtha Pools’ cutting-edge technology for a unique user experience. The remarkable facility will blends innovation, functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Expressing their gratitude for the recognition, Truszczyński and Kobierzewski commented, “Thank you very much for acknowledging our dedication and placing trust in the Water Factory project. This award truly validates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation.

The Basenprof Portal Awards stand as a significant highlight within the Hotel Spa Pools and Saunas Conference, showcasing the most outstanding and innovative projects in the field. The Water Factory project by TKHolding in collaboration with Myrtha Pools specifically clinched the Innovative Project 2023 category for its exceptional contribution to architectural innovation.

The Water Factory in Szczecin, envisioned through the lens of Architecture, BIM, and VR by TKHolding, exemplifies a revolutionary approach to integrating water-centric features within an educational framework. Myrtha Pools’ involvement in the design and manufacturing of the pools has significantly contributed to the project’s success, marrying technical precision with innovative vision to create a one-of-a-kind aquatic space.