Water polo Champions League at the Bocconi campus.

The Pro Recco Champions at the Aquamore Bocconi Sport Center for 3 Champions League games

The Myrtha pools of the Aquamore Bocconi Sport Center are starting 2022 with an impressive splash. In 2021, many got their first introduction to this stellar aquatic facility during inaugural events for the Italian Olympic and Paralympic champions, and later as the site of a training camp for the professional Aqua Centurions team, which included Federica Pellegrini’s last dive as team captain. Next up is another attention-getting function: three Champions League water polo matches for the reigning European champion Pro Recco, to be held in the Olympic swimming pool of the Aquamore Bocconi Sport Center.

In an interview by Sky Italia, Pro Recco team president Maurizio Felugo summarized the choice to play at the Aquamore Bocconi Sport Center as follows: “We have the European champion team, the most titled in the world, and in Milan they have just inaugurated the most beautiful swimming pool of Italy: Pro Recco must play there. “

The pools in this sublime aquatic sports centre are pre-approved for international swimming, lifesaving and water polo competitions for both men and women thanks to the many advantages of Myrtha technology. The exclusive stainless steel modular panel system, combined with a movable bulkhead, starting blocks and other innovative solutions for competition pools, make Myrtha pools a winner in enabling top-level competition and training across all aquatic disciplines.

Hosting three Champions League matches is a sign of the great work done by Myrtha Pools to ensure that these multipurpose pools meet every functional need and have passed the most stringent FINA approval tests. These include precise dimensional measurements, a unique turbulence test to ensure fair conditions in swimming, along with the approval of the various competition accessories. In the case of water polo, those choices range from floating goals to ropes and lines delineating the field of play.

All tickets are sold out for the match on Jan. 25 which sees Pro Recco face the Croatians in the Battle of the Jug, a match between two powerhouse teams with an overall total of 13 Champions League cups. After the Jug, Pro Recco will again test the waters of the Myrtha pools in the Milanese aquatic centre on Feb. 8 and 22, against Hannover and Osc, Budapest, respectively.