WATER POLO VISUAL SYSTEM (WVS) Visual marker system for water polo

WATER POLO VISUAL SYSTEM (WVS) Visual marker system for water polo

The visual marker system for water polo, named WVS, designed by Myrtha Pools and developed in cooperation with Aqvatech Engineering, represents one of the most relevant technological innovation of the last years for the water polo game.

“Water polo visual system” is a high level spectacular system that makes use of LED markings placed in specific areas inside and outside the pool. These LED markers update athletes, referees, judges, the audience and the television viewers on the progress of the game.

WVS also helps the inexperienced audience to COMPREHEND AT BEST the game and it guarantees a more accurate transparency for referees and judges during a match.

System description

Currently the only lines marked in the water are those that delimitate the perimeter of the field of play, while the lines located at 2 and 5 meter distance from the floating goal are identified by external features with specific colours (yellow and red). Plastic cones are positioned on the pool deck in correspondence to each imaginary line to help the jury determine the position of the players and the ball; however, these markings only help the judges and not the swimmers.

WVS (Waterpolo Visual System) by Piscine Castiglione – Myrtha Pools is a revolutionary system for the sport of water polo, marking out specific zones in the playing area via LEDS with a variety of functions.

Lines market out by the WVS:

Line located 5m from the floating goal

Line located 2m from the floating goal


Re-entry area