With Myrtha Pools… The party never stops!

With Myrtha Pools… The party never stops!

Myrtha pools do not need to be shut down for repairs or maintenance!


What could be more disappointing to a Hotel Guest than to arrive at their destination, ready for a few days of relaxation, only to find that the pool is out of service for maintenance?
When your pool is a Myrtha Pool, your guest will not experience that disappointment.

Myrtha technology allows for repairs to be made without emptying the pool or shutting down. This is not the case with traditional construction.


Myrtha pool does not require a significant maintenance schedule.

Sturdy, built to last, and not subject to dimensional variations, it will not suffer cracks or leaks and, thanks to its self-supporting structure, it does not require any destructive demolition.

These advantages result in considerable savings with regard to both the installation time and routine operating costs of the pool.
When a water space needs a renovation, the internal surface of the original pool remains unchanged and only the accessories on the walls or floor will need to be replaced.

Hotel & Resort owners know that the direct and indirect costs of pool maintenance and repairs are considerable.
By incorporating Myrtha technology into your aquatic features, your guests will consistently experience the level of service they expect.



Lafodia Hotel & Resort – Lopud, Croatia      Castlemartyr Spa & Golf Resort – Cork, Ireland      Rittenhouse Hotel – Philadelphia, USA