World Records set in Myrtha pools rise to 171

On day 4 of the 2024 Canadian Olympic & Paralympic Swimming Trials, presented by Bell, the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre witnessed a remarkable moment in swimming history. Canadian swimmer Summer McIntosh delivered an exceptional performance in the 400m individual medley, clocking in at an impressive 4:24.38, lowering her previous world record. This achievement not only secured McIntosh a new world record and the qualification to the next Olympic Games in Paris but also marked the 171st world record set in a Myrtha pool.

Fast pools for fast swimmersisn’t just a slogan at Myrtha Pools, it’s a reality. With decades of experience and advanced technology, we’ve become leaders in designing both temporary and permanent competition pools. Our pools offer swimmers the ideal environment for peak performance.

McIntosh’s accomplishment underscores the enduring legacy of Myrtha pools and highlights our ongoing dedication to providing the best possible environment for competitive swimming. As we celebrate the milestone of 171 records set in our pools, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of excellence in the world of swimming.