Myrtha Pools at AQUAE! for World Water Day 2023

For Myrtha Pools, water is synonymous with both sport and well-being, and is a central element in our company’s DNA. This is why for years, as a leading Italian pool company, we have been attentive to water conservation issues. It was therefore a pleasure to accept the invitation to the edition of Aquae! organised on the occasion of World Water Day 2023. For the institutions, universities and companies invited, it was an opportunity to comment on the state of water resource management in Italy, and to raise awareness among secondary school students on the management of an increasingly precious resource.

Representing the company led by the Colletto family, Innocenzo Pochini, director of the Myrtha Technical Office, was present. Speaking on the subject of a ‘Sustainable Approach to Water‘, the Eng. Pochini emphasised the importance of increasingly effective solutions in line with today’s complex climatic context. “For swimming pools in general, and public facilities in particular,” he said, “it is essential to offer solutions that reduce waste to zero. With this in mind, cooperation with the academic world is very useful, and is one reason we have tested some innovations to improve water quality and reduce water consumption.

In fact, the Myrtha Research & Development team has been collaborating with numerous Italian and international universities in the search for solutions for increasingly safe management of water. In fact, collaboration with the University of Foro Italico and Professor Vincenzo Romano Spica has led to the creation of an ingenious system – called Myrtha Breathe – that improves air and water quality in indoor swimming facilities.

By embracing digitisation processes, the creation of the Myrtha Shark system – which combines regenerative filtration with automated, real-time control of filtration and disinfection systems – has led to the dramatic realisation of energy efficiency and water-saving goals. This provides progress that is relevant both for the environment as a whole, and for public pool operators charged with managing specific systems.

These results are also bolstered by the mapping of Myrtha products according to international green building standards. Two certification systems – LEED and BREEAM – highlight how the technologies implemented by the Italian company guarantee reduced water consumption by preventing leaks and generating improved water quality in Myrtha swimming pools.