Our Process

Your project from an idea to reality.


Once we receive a project request, we…

  • Ensure a clear vision of our clients wishes and requirements;
  • Start to brainstorm and research for a first approach to a
    future concept;
  • Explore the options and decide for the right water attractions.

Concept Development

Once the direction is established, we…

  • Create a mesmerizing concept;
  • Explain our vision, the guests’ experience and the concept design;
  • Finalize the Concept Development with a concept package, that includes 3D renders, the offer and technical details.

Executive Planning

Once a contract is signed, we…

  • Define the technical level for production and construction;
  • Collaborate with local architects and engineers and accompany the Project Management;
  • Ensure the project meets all regulations, local construction laws and European Norms.


Once production is finished, we…

  • Take care of shipping;
  • Install the product with an experienced team of fitters and site managers;
  • Hand over the project applying to the highest safety standards with all documentation and certification needed.