Hotel Arts Barcelona


Hotel Arts Barcelona: an exclusive structure

Overlooking one of the most dynamic and bustling European cities, and surrounded by shops and lively bars, the Hotel Arts Barcelona is a luxurious 5 star resort. Where first-class personalised services are the rule and where every guest is treated as a family member.

The Hotel is situated in one of the most strategic positions of the city, near the iconic marina, Port Olímpic.  With its exceptional location that offers breathtaking views of Barcelona and the Mediterranean.

The large terraces and gardens of the resort offer you some of the most amazing scenic views of the sea, including the Infinity Pool & Lounge wellness area, one of the most visited areas of the Hotel.



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The Infinity Pool & Lounge is in a secluded location where clients can find an area of over 1000 square meters to enjoy the sea breeze, warm sun during the day and amazing sunsets in the summertime. The hotel’s pools were designed by Myrtha: a water area 13 metres long, entirely covered by mosaics, with a view of the gardens, the sea and the amazing Golden Fish; designed by the Canadian architect Frank Gehry, installed in the quarter of La Barceloneta, just a stone’s throw from the hotel.

Designed in bronze coloured steel, it becomes even more prominent at sunset, when amazing light effects take place as the installation reflects the sunrays.

The water area that reflects onto this extraordinary artwork is equipped with a waterfall that creates the illusion of an infinity pool. Here guests can enjoy moments of relaxation in one of the most exclusive areas of Barcelona.

Lightness: essential feature of a terrace pool

The design and making of this outdoor pool has been a very important project for Myrtha Pools, as we proudly brought Made in Italy to Spain one more time, contributing to the creation of a truly unique stay for the guests.

The pool, situated on the terrace of the Hotel Arts, had to be installed on an elevated floor, which made it impossible to build in concrete, as its weight would have been undoubtedly excessive.

Myrtha Pools RenovAction technology made it possible to build the pool, installed on the attics and terraces, thanks to the lightness of the materials used. This feature, together with the modularity that characterizes this technology, allows the various elements to be easily moved by lifts.


Installation and design solutions

To avoid interfering with the structure’s support beams, Myrtha Pools had closely taken into consideration the best design and installation solutions.

As for the correct pool water level, a simulation of the water load was made to verify the reaction of the structure’s beams according to the expected load. Once the flection was determined, the empty pool was then installed with its edges slightly higher in the middle to make sure they turned out to be perfectly horizontal once the pool was filled up.