Naheka: The Snake Slide, Acqua Village

Follonica, GR


One of Italy’s most exciting and original water parks, Acqua Village Follonica is now home to new Myrtha magic! Working with artist Raffaele Lattuada to create a Hawaiian-themed slide experience, Myrtha has brought to life Naheka: The Snake Slide!

An exciting new feature in the Acqua Village, Naheka is an almost 12.5 m plunge and 128 m of snaking, twisting fun! Singles, pairs and group rafts can all slide into Naheka’s nearly pitch-dark belly! Minimal dramatic lighting inside adds atmosphere and excitement to the thrilling ride.



Aqua Village Follonica offers 3000 square meters of pools, slides, waterfalls and aquatic attractions on the coast of Tuscany in northern Italy. Naheka: The Snake Slide is new for 2019 and promises to be a popular thrill for slide lovers of all ages.


With extraordinary water park experience, Myrtha had the creative approach required to create this reptilian fantasy park feature. Naheka’s structure was designed and engineered by Myrtha Pools to deliver sliders (with big smiles) as they emerge through Lattuada’s striking snake-head sculpture.