Parque dos Atletas

Rio de Janeiro 2016, XXXI Olympic Games

In 2016, the most formidable, yet the most rewarding challenge for Myrtha was building the two twin temporary competitive 50m pools at Parque dos Atletas (Olympic Village Training Centre), com-missioned by the Ministry of the Air Force (UNIFA). A spectacular view of the mountains and the shores of Lagoa de Jacarepaguá was a perfect setting for the Olympic village where the athletes stayed during the Olympics.

The first real challenge for Myrtha was finding a solution for the ground conditions that the swimming-pools had to be built on. The surface was cracked, the drains could not be removed, and the gradient was uneven by 8-10 cm. Myrtha solved this by using a set of steel plates and building a steel foundations on which to anchor the body of the pool. This allowed an adjusting system for every single section of the pools. The final result was two perfectly level pools, ready to host the training sessions.


Due to the very late award of the contract (March 2016), the two pools have been built in a record time, without compromising the quality standard and the precision which are hallmarks of a Myrtha pool.
With only three weeks of design and production, shipping and custom clearing only left one month and a half for installing both the pools.
The facility was completed just a few days before the Games.


“We are pleased to state that the two Myrtha pools designed and installed for Parque dos Atletas fully correspond to the main Olympic pool project, except for the depth. Both pools perfectly fit our requirement, giving all athlets the possibility to train in facilities equals to the one they competed in”.


Edilson Alves da Rocha,
Technical Director
Brazilian Paralympic Committee – CPB