Myrtha Pools Australia & New Zealand

1020D Ferry Road, Ferrymead, Christchurch 8241
Tel: AUS: +61 4 24 573 379

Myrtha Pools is the global manufacturing leader in stainless steel modular pool technology and official partner of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) since 2009.

Founded in 1961 with over 20 years in Australia & New Zealand, Myrtha Pools specialises in building leisure, hospitality, and competitive swimming pools that can be found in hotels, universities, and sports arenas worldwide.

Myrtha Pools also specialises in the refurbishment of aquatic assets with our patented RenovAction technology, bringing renewed life to older pools by providing durability, reliability, and low maintenance.


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Myrtha Pools Technologies

Our engineering-driven approach to swimming pool construction delivers results that are efficient, cost-effective, long lasting and architecturally impressive.

Myrtha Pools’ exclusive, advanced solutions are the result of years of R&D and are brought to life by our experienced, highly-trained staff professionally managing our commercial pool installations around the world.

Myrtha Pools DNA

We’ve built pools where no one else could. We meet (and beat) FINA standards and government regulations. We work for gold medal winners. We chart new waters in communities around the world. We create fun and thrills for kids of all ages. Whatever your aquatics project – we look forward to the challenge!