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Founded in 1961, Myrtha Pools expanded and established itself quickly, growing to operate in more than 70 countries and becoming an international market leader.

Since 1997, Myrtha Pools Southeast Europe (SEE) has been the reference point for Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia. The relationship between Myrtha Pools and these countries has proved prosperous and fruitful, boasting the construction of numerous competition pools, without neglecting hospitality and leisure projects.

The innovative approach, combined with the focus on sustainability, has enabled the realization of major projects. Among them, the indoor swimming pool at the University of Ljubljana (1997) was one of the first successfully completed works.

Two cornerstones of Myrtha Pools South East Europe’s success are people and technological solutions. Such as the one offered by Myrtha RenovAction, which allows old pools to be renovated, providing savings in closing time and cost. The case of the Tašmajdan Sports and Recreation center is emblematic, for this historic swimming pool in Belgrade thanks to RenovAction technology, the renovation of the outdated pool was quick and allowed to raise the quality standards also in terms of water circulation.

Myrtha Southeast Europe is also very active in working with distributors, consultants and federations located throughout the territory. This ensures widespread and precise action, as evidenced by the Cesca Vas aquatic center project in Slovenia, carried out in synergy with local distributor Histi d.o.o. and the Slovenian Swimming Federation.

Myrtha Technologies

Myrtha Pools utilises an exclusive modular system with stainless steel panels. Here, a layer of thick and durable PVC is laminated at high temperatures and then enriched with precious finishes like ceramics and glass mosaics that are water resistant.


Our mission is to develop and improve technologies as the world leader in the aquatics industry, through innovation and excellence in the competition pool, free-form and design sector.

Our philosophy, aimed at always accepting new challenges, leads us to take on new projects that help modernise aging pool estates and transform leisure and hospitality offerings.