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Tel: 415-515-2093

Areas covered: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont

Matthew covers the northeast for Myrtha Pools, working to build better swimming pools. He transforms aging concrete pools into world-class facilities cost-effectively, offers innovative funding resources for new construction, and focuses on total lifecycle costs. In addition, he considers the facility’s impact on the health of the swimmers, the environment, and the community.


Matthew swam for Harvard University, graduating in 1994, chaired a committee in his town to build a swimming pool, and continues to swim for Charles River Masters outside of Boston.

Myrtha Pools Technologies

Our engineering-driven approach to swimming pool construction delivers results that are efficient, cost-effective, long lasting and architecturally impressive.

Myrtha Pools’ exclusive, advanced solutions are the result of years of R&D and are brought to life by our experienced, highly-trained staff professionally managing our commercial pool installations around the world.

Myrtha Breathe

Myrtha Breathe is a system developed by Myrtha Pools research and design team with the purpose of removing volatile Disinfection-by-Products (DBPs), such as chloramines and halomethanes, from the atmosphere of an indoor swimming facility.

It aims at preserving pools cleanliness and preventing the onset of diseases caused by a prolongated exposure to DBPs.

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