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Hospitality pools

Exclusive hotels, SPA and resorts are increasingly aiming to offer their guests a range of services and comforts capable of guaranteeing unique experiences for their customers.
This is why Myrtha Pools supports its customers at every stage of the journey, from design to construction of the best luxury pool designs. —- Inizio di “read more”
We want to make available our knowledge of the sector and our skills to allow accommodation facilities such as hotels and wellness centers to create the custom swimming pool design that best suits their needs.

Myrtha Pools Technologies

Our engineered, modular-stainless-steel-panel-laminated-with-a-tough-durable-layer-of-PVC-system is the heart of a product that has revolutionized the aquatics industry. The competitions and gold medal performances that have followed, the fun and play that have erupted, the wellness, fitness and relaxation that have evolved… are all the result of a commitment to engineer the finest pools possible.