Myrtha Pools in Japan: the travelling pools

This summer Myrtha Pools will be in Tokyo with three temporary pools designed specifically for swimming (50m), water polo (35m) and artistic swimming (30m).

The three warm-up pools for the athletes were installed in Tokyo in record time, in partnership with our Japanese distributors, even amidst the Covid pandemic.
At the end of the summer, thanks to the flexibility and versatility of Myrtha’s modular stainless steel panel system, the pools will be dismantled and reinstalled in Fukuoka to host the 19th FINA World Aquatics Championships in May 2022. Myrtha Pools continues to make history for major aquatic events, with a technology that reduces CO2 emissions compared to swimming pools built in concrete, additionally, introducing the concept of circular economy even for major sporting events.

The three pools from Tokyo, will meet an additional two Myrtha pools in Fukuoka, giving a total of 5 Myrtha tanks at the event next spring. After the Fukuoka event, these pools will again be disassembled and reassembled in their final homes at permanent swimming centres across Japan, a model aimed at reducing the waste of natural and economic resources.
A clear change of course compared to the great sporting events of the past that will bring these swimming pools to find a home in various sports centres and schools of the Rising Sun. The uniqueness of the self-supporting structure of Myrtha Pools, guarantees a long-life cycle, reduced maintenance costs and anti-seismic properties. A technology that is sustainable for the environment and created to withstand even earthquakes.

After a year of hiatus from major events, the Italian company Myrtha Pools is happy to be breathing the air of competition again.