Myrtha Pools partners with the Asia Swimming Federation (AASF)

Myrtha Pools and Asia Swimming Federation: New Partnership!

Myrtha Pools is proud to officially announce the new partnership with the AASF, the Asia Swimming Federation. The AASF, that was founded in 1978 during the Asian Games held in Bangkok and today gathers 45 national swimming federations. After signing the agreement with Myrtha Pools, Mr. Taha Al Kishry, AASF Secretary-General, visited our headquarters in Italy.
These are the statements of the AASF on the partnership: “We are tremendously proud to be establishing this partnership with the world’s leading competition pool builders, it is very timely as it is welcome and we would like to thank them for their support. We will work together to ensure that our Asian National Federations will have access to the best possible aquatic facilities to promote and develop aquatic sports in our continent”.  

This agreement for Myrtha is synonymous with the development of swimming and it reflects the DNA of a company that is proud to provide the best pools for aquatic sports and support up and coming athletes while doing so.