Myrtha Pools partners with Chemia Brugg AG

Myrtha Pools and CHEMIA BRUGG AG are pleased to announce their partnership for the Swiss swimming pool market, with the aim of enhancing pool construction and maintenance through innovation and sustainability. Myrtha Pools, recognized for its global expertise in pool construction and as a partner of World Aquatics, is committed to building sustainable municipal swimming pools. CHEMIA BRUGG, a leader in cleaning and water treatment products, complements this by providing specialized maintenance products that ensure the long-term value and quality of these pools.

This partnership places a strong emphasis on environmental protection and incorporates the advanced technologies of Myrtha Pools, which significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional methods. These innovative solutions are not only more efficient but also contribute significantly to reducing environmental impact.

Another key aspect of this cooperation is knowledge transfer. CHEMIA BRUGG leverages its customer proximity and sales expertise to provide Swiss swimming pool operators with important insights and success methods. This initiative aims to promote a profound understanding of sustainable pool maintenance and preservation.

Through this partnership, Myrtha Pools and CHEMIA BRUGG emphasize their shared commitment to innovation, improving customer experience, and sustainable development of the swimming pool landscape in Switzerland.