Designed for innovation

When the best technologies are integrated into a given space from the beginning, as a fundamental component of the design idea, it allows for a more complete realization of a given project. Myrtha Pools believes such innovation is relevant and vital, even when it is not always immediately apparent.

This is the conceptual bedrock that has been the basis of the Myrtha philosophy, and also what separates mere quality work from a project of enduring excellence. And the approach holds true across the many varied settings we encounter, from the most expansive competitive swimming pool to the most diminutive wellness spa. In every case, the harmonious integration of all the relevant technical and architectural aspects is what allows the initial idea to be fulfilled completely.

For more than 60 years, we have operated under this precept. Myrtha is continuously researching not only cutting-edge technologies, but also new ways of bringing them to bear during the design phase.

And now, we have the ideal location for collaborating on design concepts and innovation. In Milan, we are thrilled to be unveiling an open space dedicated to the sharing of ideas between architects and planners as they cooperate with aquatic designers and consultants in the pursuit of the very finest wellness and aquatics installations.

A confluence of excellence

Via della Spiga is intended as a place where design ideas can be gathered alongside the full range of technological advantages offered by Myrtha. Together with our own design experts, we will first discuss the right work processes for a given project. Next is an exposure to the best design tools available, in order to produce the most accurate and unique expressions of the ideas in play.

And finally, with a firm commitment to teamwork, we will account for all the needs and goals for a given project and develop solutions while also maintaining an unwavering dedication to overall design excellence.

Though certainly the specifics will vary widely between competitive swimming facilities, hotel wellness areas, luxury fitness centers and gyms, our belief is that the same commitment to the collaborative process will yield the best results across all categories.


Please get in touch with us! We will be delighted to book an appointment with you at Via della Spiga in Milan so that we may learn about your project, and begin to bring shape to the ideas that will ultimately lead to sustained success for your uniquely envisioned project.


Our innovative accessories are sure to enhance the value of your project, both in terms of style and usability. They offer a wide range of possibilities for customized combinations to satisfy any type of aesthetic or structural need.


Our team of highly specialised engineers and designers are at your disposal to support you in the design phase, through dedicated consulting and advice on technological and structural aspects.


You can choose from a wide range of finishes – ceramic, glass, marble, stone, and composite materials – to give a special touch to your pool or spa, while ensuring total safety.


We develop and design your project by combining our technologies in the best way, to maximise spaces and mechanical areas. Thanks to the use of 3D renderings, we can even give you a clear view of the final result before construction begins.


Thanks to the use of Building Information Modeling, we create virtual models with three-dimensional, parametric, and relational characteristics, constantly supervised by our BIM coordinators.