1 What is Myrtha® Technology?

Myrtha® Technology is an exclusive technology, perfectly suitable to answer public use needs (hotels, campings, sports centres) and for agonistic competitions, with technical solutions and a degree of finish without equals in the swimming pool world. Myrtha® Technology is a “third way” alternative to the traditional reinforced concrete structures and to the customary prefabricated swimming pools, allowing to overcome the limits of both solutions. The structure is realized with stainless steel modular panels with a PVC layer applied hot in the factory, our special patent.

2 Which differences are there with regard to the other technologies existing on the market?

Reinforced concrete gives the idea of sturdiness and flexibility, freedom of choice for form, dimensions and linings. Myrtha® has the same guarantees on all these aspects in addition to the rapidity of installation, that r.c. cannot have (even if in the time several systems with prefabricated panels or non-returnable formworks, that make the job more rapid with regard to the classic casting on the construction site, have been developed), and the duration in the time can be even higher because suitable for any typology of ground, even seismic: in case of cracks for movements in the ground, infiltrations that corrode the reinforcement or attack the lining can be created and maintenance can become very problematic, which does not happen with Myrtha® panels.

3 What is RenovAction® Technology?

RenovAction® Technology is the exclusive and patented technology that Myrtha Pools® use for the refurbishment and the renewal of existing pools. The process, based on the same Myrtha® modular principal, can imply according to circumstances the renovation of the walls, of the overflow channel or of the floor lining, or of all the structure of the pool. The big technological innovation of RenovAction® is that both the partial and the total renovation do not generally require any intervention of demolition of the existing structure.


1 Which differences are there between a skimmer and an overflow system?

First of all, visually, with a skimmer system we will see that the water level remains about 15 cm below the pool deck, while with an overflow system the water level reaches the pool deck.
Following the phases described above, in the skimmer system water is recovered through openings placed along the upper part of the pool – precisely the skimmers – conveyed towards the filter through pipes, depurated and re-injected through the inlet fittings.
In the overflow system, instead, water that overcomes the border is collected by perimetric channels and conveyed in a balance tank that has to have such a volume as to guarantee the constant water level at the pool deck level and from here taken towards the filter for the depuration end re-injected always through the inlet fittings.


1 How much does it cost to build a public use pool, for example for a sports facility?

The costs depend in addition to the dimensioning described above, also on the importance of the filtration system dimensioned on the water volume, on the presence of an inspection corridor – if a perimetric atrium that allows for the perimetric inspection of the pool is foreseen, it can imply higher charges both of supply and of building works – on the localization of the technical rooms: the filtration and disinfection systems in this type of plants have important capacities and dimensions and if the distances with regard to the pool raise, the costs can raise too; on the finishes and accessories: a 25 m pool can be completed with finishes of different level and complemented by all the accessories typical of the competition pools (starting blocks, floating ropes, black lines) or planned with less agonistic attention. To have a quotation please contact the company technical – sales officer.

2 How long does it take to build a sports facility with swimming pool?

Talking about a complete facility, in addition to the installation of the pool with the concerning systems, the yard lasts about one year.

3 What operational costs have to be estimated?

They depend on different variables: staff with concerning costs (person in charge/plant manager, receptionist, system operator, lifeguards, animators), cost of the usership (electricity, water, heating), quality and efficiency of the systems in general, optimization of the spaces and of the paths of the project rooms, technical/executive capacity of the water spaces, marketing.

4 The Company is able to supply a whole turnkey system?

The company specializes in the construction of pools with concerning filtration and disinfection systems but it does not supply other type of systems (electrical, thermo-hydraulic, etc.) and does not attend to the subsequent management of the pool.
Also with regard to the buildings concerning the services (hall, ticket office, management, changing rooms, showers, wc, warehouses …) there are specialized companies that will supply the same expertness and professionalism.