Myrtha Lab

Developing New Ideas

Myrtha Pools has always pursued new challenges and complex projects with enthusiasm.

Myrtha Pools has always pursued new challenges and complex projects with enthusiasm.

One of the most challenging ones has been our collaboration with FINA on the “Pools for all” project, regarding economic and social sustainability in the pool sector. Myrtha Pools has carried out the challenge, creating water structures matching the requirements of FINA, the organization of events, championships for different levels and age groups.

Another important project is “Water Babies,” an initiative that invites parents all over the world to take advantage of children’s natural inclination for water, teaching them to swim from a very young age.

Pools for All

An initiative we are particularly proud of is the Pools for All project. In collaboration with FINA, Pools for All aims to bring access to FINA approved, high-quality pools to communities around the world. We have created a pool development system that communities can use to get started with confidence.

Water Babies

It’s amazing to see how quickly a baby takes to the water. Early exposure to swimming, can be the beginning of a healthy love of the water throughout life. Our Water Babies initiative is a program to encourage parents to take advantage of their children’s natural love of the water and teach them to swim at a very young age.

Alex Blackwell – Head of Facilities and Operational Management at Water Babies: “Water Babies find the partnership with Myrtha invaluable enabling us to install high quality pools internationally with projects currently in the UK, Germany and China. The ability to be able to deliver a small learn to swim pool globally is essential to our growth and development. The Myrtha systems meets our needs perfectly”