RenovAction Technology

RenovAction is the patented and exclusive technology by Myrtha Pools, based on the proven Myrtha Technology and specifically developed for the refurbishment of existing pools. The renovation process may include the walls, the floor covering, and the overflow gutter separately or in combination and it does not require any major demolition works.

Stainless Steel

The specification of the stainless steel used in a RenovAction pool guarantees extremely long life to the structure regardless of the presence of highly aggressive soils or high water-tables. RenovAction uses exclusive components bolted one to another, eliminating the welding of the panels, which is subject to more corrosion. Stainless Steel ensures maximum mechanical strength of the panels, buttresses and all the other elements that form the structure of the swimming pool.


PVC has been used for many years as a swimming pool waterproofing material: smooth but not slippery, resistant to UV degradation and chemical agents, sanitized and aesthetically pleasing. Perfect waterproofing is ensured by the unique process of bonding PVC to the Myrtha® steel panels. A hard PVC membrane is hot laminated to the steel in the manufacturing process, whereas a reinforced membrane is used on the floor of the pool in order to follow the contours of the concrete sub-surface.

Finishing solutions

For high level aesthetic finishes, RenovAction technology uses ceramic and a series of special vitreous mosaics that match with the range of color of the PVC. After the pool has been completely sealed and the overflow gutter installed, the ceramic tiles are applied onto the Myrtha surface. Gluing tile on a Myrtha stainless steel surface is much easier and safer than on concrete. As there is no possibility of water seepage from behind the tile, the traditional problem of poor long term adhesion is therefore eliminated.
refurbishment pools

Installation process

RenovAction does not require destructive demolition of the existing structure, thereby resulting in considerable savings with regard to both the installation time and overall costs. The internal surface of the original pool remains unchanged, only the accessories on the walls or on the fl oor are replaced.

RenovAction for Competition

Many existing pools fail to meet today’s health code regulations and therefore require both adjustments and corrections necessary for compliance.

RenovAction for Leisure

Refurbishment in order to meet new design and engineering criteria: old pools can be upgraded, with numerous leisure components added including freeform sections, lazy rivers, water play equipment and hydro-massage areas.