First waves at O2 SURFTOWN MUC

New steps forward ahead of the opening of the o2 SURFTOWN MUC center in Munich. Myrtha Pools has made its mark on this project through partnerships with Endless Surf and the center itself. The result is a 180-meter-long lagoon that will allow for four different zones to be used simultaneously by 16 surfers in each area.

Following the filling of the basin last April, the first waves have been observed in recent days, marking the inauguration of the system constructed by Endless Surf. In the near future, the next phase will commence: a testing period during which different combinations of waves and operating modes will be tested, resulting in various scenarios.

Once wave setup is complete, o2 SURFTOWN MUC will give access to a limited number of surfers for the pre-opening phase, the last step before the official opening.